In this week's edition, we remember Michelle's grandma, a refugee from China and a teacher in Taiwan, who passed away Monday night.
Some insider tips on how not to quarantine with a baby; Michelle has her first meltdown in Taiwan (yes, it’s only been 48 hours); and links on the dism…
Albert researches quarantines past and present and poses an important thought experiment: would Benjamin Disraeli have been good at Super Mario 3D?
We’re back! In Taiwan! In quarantine! This week we talk about how we’re surviving by regressing to childhood comforts. Plus, links about 9/11, rural sc…
Some news about a grant to write about Taiwan; Michelle follows up on resentment in marriage.
Part 2 of our interview with Adnan Khan, executive director of Re:Store Justice
Plus links that explain felony murder and major congratulations to Lina Khan!
Plus our piece on Cobra Kai and Book Club details on Paradise Lost
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