Merriest Holiday Wishes & Happy New Year

Hello, friends!

Merriest holiday wishes to all. We’re on break this week, but we’ll see you in the new year. Here’s to a 2021 that is more kind and just.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video of a snowball fight from 1897, recently colorized by the Russian YouTuber Dmitry Badin. It was originally filmed by the Lumière brothers in Lyon, France. Look out for the poor cyclist who tries to ride through the brawl. (Will he ever get back his hat?!)

Badin also colorized one of the first cat videos from 1900.


Albert & Michelle

P.S. In January be on the lookout for a conversation with James Jeter at the Yale Prison Education Initiative (YPEI) and Christine Lee, the first female Korean-American priest at the Episcopal Church. We’ll also have details on our first book club.